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Higher Paying Loads

We use tools to analyze the market, hot zones, trending load outbound states, and payload history. We aim to increase your revenue every week., Putting more money in your pockets!

Lower Insurance Cost

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Best Diesel Discounts

Enjoy the best Diesel discounts in the Industry! Stop paying retail price on the pump. Don't miss out on the opportunity to maximize your savings and shop smarter today

Total Transparency

Since 2004 we have been providing the most trustable service in the Transportation Industry. Always providing all details of the loads and making sure payments are on time every time.

Customized Strategies

A customized strategy is tailored to your unique needs and goals, providing a personalized approach to success. It takes into account your specific circumstances, preferences, and objectives, ensuring a more effective and efficient path to achieving desired outcomes. Embrace the power of customization to optimize your strategy for unparalleled results.

24 Hours Dispatching & Assistance

Our 24-hour dispatch assistance service ensures swift response and support around the clock. With a dedicated team available at all times, we prioritize your needs and dispatch resources promptly, providing peace of mind and timely solutions whenever you require assistance

On Time Payments

Our commitment to on-time payments ensures financial reliability and trustworthiness. We prioritize prompt settlement, protecting credit scores and fostering positive financial relationships with creditors and partners.

Flexible Driver Time

Our flexibility empowers you with choices and convenience. Tailoring solutions to your needs, we provide adaptable services and options, ensuring your preferences and goals are always accommodated.

Experts You Can Trust

Dispatchers with 20+ years of experience that anylyse the market and get you the best load in the market always secruring you will have an outbount load to make sure you keep your wheels turning.


❌ Working with companies that are not reliable!

❌ Working with companies that don't get you the best paying loads!

❌ Working with companies that don't pay you on time!

❌ Working with companies that don't know what they are doing!

❌ Working with companies that don't give you any discounts!

How Much You Could Earn With Your Truck Weekly?


$7000 - 10,000


$8000 - 15,000


$8000 - 13,000


Tampa, Florida

About L&E Trucking

L & E Trucking was Founded in 2004 and still going strong. There is only one key, that is "Always do the right thing" and "Don't cut corners". Our good reputation has been earned after working with over 100 of Truck Drivers and Owner Operators and always doing the right thing! Contact us and become part of our growing family.

About Our Head Dispatcher & CEO

I've been a dispatcher since 2008 and have experience with different types of equipment such as Dry Van, Reefers Flatbed, Step Deck, and others. My team and I always look for the best load; by constantly analyzing the market and studying rate history, we negotiate the best load possible in the market. Contact us, and we are happy to talk to you and show you how we can help you succeed. You have nothing to lose and much to gain; after you try for yourself the difference between other dispatchers and us, the only regret you'll have is that you didn't come to work with us sooner.  

Andy Acosta | CEO


  • What makes L&E Trucking's services appealing?

    L&E Trucking stands out with higher paying loads, lower insurance costs, best diesel discounts, total transparency, and 24-hour dispatching & assistance. They use market analysis tools to increase revenue every week.

  • How does L&E Trucking ensure higher earnings for drivers?

    By analyzing market trends, hot zones, and payload history, L&E Trucking secures higher paying loads. They also offer diesel discounts and ensure on-time payments.

  • What kind of discounts on diesel offered?

    L&E Trucking offers lower insurance costs and significant diesel discounts, helping drivers save on operational expenses.

  • What is L&E Trucking's payment policy?

    They prioritize on-time weekly payments to ensure financial reliability and trustworthiness for their drivers.

  • How flexible is the scheduling with L&E Trucking?

    They offer flexible driver time, tailoring solutions to individual needs and preferences.

  • What are the customized strategies for drivers?

    L&E Trucking provides personalized strategies considering each driver's specific circumstances, preferences, and objectives.

  • What experience do L&E Trucking dispatchers have?

    Their dispatchers have over 20 years of experience in analyzing the market to secure the best loads.

  • What are the potential earnings with L&E Trucking?

    Earnings vary by truck type: Dry Van ($7,000 - $10,000), Flatbed & Step Deck ($8,000 - $15,000), Reefer ($8,000 - $13,000) weekly.

  • Can you tell me about the CEO's background?

    Andy Acosta, the CEO, has been a dispatcher since 2008 with experience in various equipment types and a focus on securing the best loads.

  • What additional benefits does L&E Trucking offer?

    Besides financial benefits, they offer access to a state-of-the-art load board, connections in the industry, and a trustable and transparent working environment.

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