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L and E Modern Trucking was Founded in 2004 and still going strong. There is only one key, that is "Always do the right thing" and "Don't cut corners". Our good reputation has been earned after working with over 100 of Truck Drivers and Owner Operators and always doing the right thing! Contact us and become part of our growing family.

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Higher Pay Loads

We use tools to analyze the market, hot zones, trending load outbound states, and payload history. We aim to increase your revenue every week., Putting more money in your pockets!

On-Call Nights & Weekends

Truly Worry FREE, Let us do the on-call for you, forget about having to answer Nights & Weekends for assistance & updates

Knowledgeable Dispatchers

Dispatchers with 20+ years of experience that anylyse the market and get you the best load in the market always secruring you will have an outbount load to make sure you keep your wheels turning. 

Transparent & Trustable

Since 2004 we have been providing the most trustable service in the Transportation Industry. Always providing all details of the loads and making sure payments are on time every time.

Small Family Oriented

We limit our fleet capacity to make sure you get personalized attention. In our company you are not one more number in the fleet, you are treated like family, we know you by name and we always succeed in making a solid partnership. Are you ready to work in a family, respectful environment? Apply Now

Savings On Other Services

Always looking for ways to save you money, Create your team and get more done. 

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About Our Head Dispatcher

I've been a dispatcher since 2008 and have experience with different types of equipment such as Dry Van, Reefers Flatbed, Step Deck, and others. My team and I always look for the best load; by constantly analyzing the market and studying rate history, we negotiate the best load possible in the market. Contact us, and we are happy to talk to you and show you how we can help you succeed. You have nothing to lose and much to gain; after you try for yourself the difference between other dispatchers and us, the only regret you'll have is that you didn't come to work with us sooner.  

Andy Acosta | Head Dispatcher

Words From Our Owner Operators

Henry Garcia | Owner Operator

Joel Rodriguez | Owner Operator

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